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Chorus Club

The Chorus was founded in March 2011 to "promote the choral art, improve artistic accomplishments and show an international character." The society provides a stage for students to demonstrate their talents via various forms of performance.

The society recruits two age groups of students, Grades 1-5 and 6-8. Members will have activities every Thursday after school. The members of the chorus will not only learn the correct method of voicing but also will learn to appreciate the beauty of choral singing.

In addition, a Singing Society was established for Grade 9-10. The members meet every Wednesday after school. The society gives full play to the students’ interests in pop songs by improving their vocal techniques as well as their stage performing skills.

Very shortly after their establishment, the SHSID Chorus and the Singing Society created productions for the SHSID Art Festival, as well as other interscholastic competitions.

We will continue to help our students explore the world of music and appreciate its beauty.