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SHSID Piano Invitational

      We would like to invite you to Shanghai High School International Division’s inaugural Piano Invitational. This competition was inspired to strengthen the interflow of cultures between all international schools, international divisions of Chinese schools as well as bilingual schools. In addition, event strives to further develop the music education of junior and senior high schools and give the students a supportive environment to showcase their musical talents.      

      Shanghai High School has an established history of showcasing and supporting a wide variety of musical events and competitions. In 2009, we began hosting the “Shangzhong Cup” Piano Competition of Shanghai, which is one of the Shanghai Students Single Category Art Competitions sponsored by the local government. This performing arts competition has grown in popularity over the last 8 years. This competition focuses on the students’ comprehension, emotional expression and creativity in music. In order to further cultivate the students’ musical expression and creativity, we have since incorporated an improvisation category, which created a new way of piano competition and received positive appraisals from music education departments in Shanghai.


      Additionally, our school has welcomed several famous musicians from throughout the world to be judges as well as to coach the students in the competition, such as Xiaosheng Zhao, Zhe Tang, Jean-Francois HEISSER, etc. As part of our invitational, a guest judge provides a professional workshop on improvisation before the final competition. And as a prize for the award-winning students, we also hold a special performance for them on a professional stage.


        “Music is the language of the world”. Shanghai High School has an established reputation as an excellent educational institution that supports and promotes music education through events such as the “Shangzhong Cup” Piano Competition. In bringing together all international schools and divisions, we believe this invitational will be an even greater success. At the same time, we look forward to the support from all school leaders and music departments as we share in our enjoyment and appreciation of music!



2017 SHSID Piano Invitational Rules


Host:  Shanghai High School International Division
Supporter:  Shanghai Musician Association

Purpose of Competition:
                   1) To develop the musical cultivation of junior high school students and promote the interflow of cultures between schools.
                   2) To inspire creativity and musical expression as well as a passion for piano performance in junior high students.
Who Can Sign Up:
                   Non-piano major students, both junior and senior high school, from international schools, bilingual schools and international division of local schools in Shanghai.
When to Sign Up:
                   3/18/2017 – 4/18/2017
How to Sign Up:
                   Each school’s music department should collect the forms of interested students and send them via email to music@shs.cn.
Group Arrangement: 
                   Junior High School Group
                   High School Group
Time of Competition: 
                    Preliminary Competition in May
                    Final Competition in June
Place of Competition:
                    Shanghai High School International Division
                    989 Baise Road, Shanghai
Content of Competition:
                    Preliminary Competition:
                    Student performs a self-chosen piano work (under 6 minutes); piece needs to be memorized.
                    Final Competition:
                    1) Student performs a self-chosen piano work (under 6 minutes); piece needs to be memorized.
                    2) Student performs a 3-minute improvisational performance piece based on a picture given. (Preparation time will be 10 minutes)
Award Method:
Junior high schools and high schools will compete in separate divisions.  Each division will be awarded 1st  Prize, 2nd Prize,3rd Prize, and Excellent Prize. All award-winning students will receive an award certificate, and 1st, 2nd , and 3rd prize-winning students will receive a scholarship.
(SHSID Piano Competition Organization Committee has the right to make the final decision for all other questions not explained above.)


SHSID Piano Competition Organization Committee






2017 SHSID Piano Invitational Application Form      (Plesse download)




2017 SHSID Piano Invitational Application Form







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Name of Piano Teacher:



Competition piece: :

Experience with piano study and history of awards received:
























Competition Organization Committee Email: :music@shs.cn

Address: 989 Baise Road, Shanghai, Shanghai High School Music Department

Tel:64552774 64553979