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Notice:A New Tuition Fee Payment System

Dear SHSID Parents,
      In order to make payments and confirmations more convenient, a new fee payment method is being introduced with the support of ICBC. Parents and students will be able to complete on-line payment and search for their transaction details with the student’s school number (Puxi students please use G-number, Pudong students please use Z-number) on a mobile phone or computer. When using the new payment method, there is no transaction fee, and you do not need to send the payment information to your homeroom teacher afterwords. We invite you to use the new payment method from this semester. Attached is the step-by-step operation instruction.
      Thank you for your understanding and support!

Shanghai high school International Division
June 19, 2017


Instructions for School Fees Payment System 

Payment Methond 1

Payment Methond 2、3