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Notice on the Summer Vacation

Dear students, parents and teachers,
      In the second semester of 2016, we shared you a lot of unforgettable moments of SHSID students.Which is the most impressive one? Let us take a review: the Opening Ceremony, all competetions ( The Model Union, World Scholar’s Cup, CTB, Culture Bazaar, USAD, Odyssey of Mind, IMMC and so on), Service Learning Activities, Creative & Innovative Courses, Wikibirdia Exhibition, various subject activities, Dr. Seuss Week, Career Day, Global Citizen Day ,  Noon Music Time, Jr. NBA, Talent show, Matriculations, Graduation Ceremony etc.. We believe that there must be a moment that moved your heart .
      With such a pleasant  mood, we finally meet the end of this school semester. We feel sad to tell you that we need to separate for a period of time, but we can meet again better! We hope that you can continue to pay attention to us in the coming days and accompany with SHSID students to grow up!
      Wish you a relaxing and happy vacation! Next semeter, we will be here waiting for you!

      Duration of the Summer Vacation:
      June 30th – August 30th.

      All the students need to register in their respective classrooms at 2:00 p.m. of August 31st. The details will be informed by the homeroom teachers about two days in advance.
During the Summer Vacation, if necessary, you may contact the following on-duty offices.




July 3rd ~August 30th





July 3rd~ July 14th,
August 1st~August 30th




July 3rd ~August 30th



Bus  Office

July 3rd~ August 4th,
August 15th~August 30th



*Available from Mon. to Fri8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.