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Puxi Grade 1-4: Our Collective Efforts Made for a Wonderful Charity Fair!

November 2nd was a golden day – the sunshine was golden, the leaves were golden, and our hearts with golden with love. The charity fair was an event organized through the good will of our hearts.
More than 20 classes from grade 1 to 4 gathered on the first floor of the cafeteria where there were a variety of goods being sold and creative games being played. From the preparation of the stage to the facilitation of the events, all of the students put forth a strong effort. This was a very valuable CAS event – creativity, action, and service were all demonstrated throughout the fair.
Each grade had its own spotlight during the charity fair. The first graders used their hands and paint to make prints on posters and wore class t-shirts designed with the help of their parents. Throughout the fair, their cute faces look curious as they watched people come to the fair. Although they are quite little, they were good helpers, helping their parents sell cupcakes and balloons. The second graders had their own booths of tasty food and cute plants. The positive energy of the students and their parents attracted many customers. In the third graders’ booth, they had many interesting games. Some of the classes even exhibited unique art that they had done for the fair. This activity not only strengthened their skills in art, but also demonstrated their caring nature. The fourth graders were more mature and independent during the fair. They took on their own roles, running booths and selling products. Everyone who was involved put in so much effort, making it a wonderful and successful charity fair.
Looking back at the charity fair, sweet memories flash in our minds. This event made us reflect, be thankful, and feel touched from the bottoms of our hearts to be helping those in need.

(Written by Stella Su     Picture by Primary Section teachers)