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Grades 5-6: Awesome Paper Cutting Exhibition

Have you been to the paper cutting exhibition in the New Art Building? All the words were made by 5th and 6th graders who took part in paper cutting in After School Club this year. I was so lucky to join this club. Our teacher was one of the best paper cutters in China. At first, we learned how to fold in different ways to get different outcomes, for example the 8 fold, the half fold, and the easiest: the six fold. During the class, we also learned how to cut the character for ‘double happiness’. Many of us failed numerous times at the beginning, but with our teacher’s help, it became a piece of cake.

After we learned the basic skills, we start to create our own masterpieces. Some of us cut butterflies, some birds, some ice-creams, and even lotion bottles! One group made thousands of snowflakes of all shapes and sizes, each with its own unique details.

In paper cutting class, we can create and in return we get laughter and happiness. It’s awesome!

(Written by 6(10) Leyan      Pictures by Lily Yao)