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Grade 6 Funny Selection: An enjoyable CAS class

Last Thursday, the 6th graders were sitting in their classrooms having their CAS class, as usual. But the students seemed different this time, they were all enjoying themselves! What happened that made them so happy? It was the G6 Funny selection!

On the worksheet, there were many different items, such as the most ladylike, the most hardworking, the best reading star, and so on. But when students saw ‘The best actor or actress’, everyone laughed out loudly! What an interesting thing! They sat with their friends and discussed who to vote for.

“What do you think about voting for her for this category?”

“Who to vote do you think for this category is suitable?”

The classroom was full of talking and laughter.

After everyone handed the worksheet back, some students volunteered to help teachers record the votes. Others either crowded to the front to see the votes, or talked with classmates about what they thought they might get. Some of the students shouted out in surprise, “Oh! I can’t believe someone voted for me!” And some murmured to friends that they wished they had voted differently.

Anyway, after about 20 minutes, it came to the most exciting part, revealing the results! Teachers wrote down the people who won. Students who won cried happily, “Yeah! I won!”, and the teachers gave them some awards. Also, those who didn’t get items were happy, too, saying things like “Hey, you know, I just guessed he would be the reading star!” But mostly students were very busy– asking friends from other classes what they got!

After school, everyone went back with a big smile. This G6 Funny Selection brought us a lot of fun!

(Written by 6(1) Amy       Pictures by Lily Yao)