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Pudong Grade 2: Historical Figures

Recently, our second grade students in Pudong campus changed from their normal looks into a special outfit during their Social Studies class. They all became famous historical figures. Come and have a look with me to see what happened on this special day. Here, walking past us, is a young lady who dressed up in an imperial robe and a shining crown. Who is she– can you guess? She is the only empress in Chinese history– Wu Zetian. Maybe you can guess who this other person is– a girl in an elegant black dress with a tiara on her head. She is the beloved Princess Diana. With these delicate costumes, our kids could became any famous person they wanted, and share their stories from a first person perspective. Those stories were so fascinating that they made everyone passing by feel like they were traveling through time! Pretty impressive, right?

(Written by Gu Jingyang       Pictures by Gu Jingyang)