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Grade 10: Interdisciplinary project meeting

On the afternoon of February 26th, students who had enrolled in interdisciplinary programs held a meeting with their team members and mentors in classroom 124 and 125 of Zhongxing Annex Building. The interdisciplinary, self-paced program for 10th graders aims to prepare students for progression to Grade 11 by conducting multidisciplinary analysis and research on a subject. This project will last 8 weeks, during which students will work in teams and experience the hardships of working toward a complete project. The project was started by Mr. Slonim, teacher of IB TOK grouped the students together. Several teachers from different departments of SHSID will serve as mentors. They will be responsible for providing appropriate professional guidance for students working on the project, and they will also grade the final research and group presentations. Each group has been assigned some very practical topics such as "What is the most effective way to make SHSID a greener, more environmentally friendly, campus in the impending school year?" For a period of eight weeks, they need to choose five different perspectives to analyze the problem, investigate, collect the information, write their report and give a presentation. Let us all hope they enjoy carrying out investigations and studies, and ultimately getting rich research results!

(Written by Chen Lin               Pictures by Gao Yueer)