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Grade 11:Junior Project Begins!

On March 7th, our 11th graders began their brand new challenge, the Junior Project. The Junior Project is a novel activity created for the 11th Grade SHSIDers, similar to the 12th graders’ Senior Project. It is designed to promote students’ interdisciplinary studies, group collaboration across levels, engagement with modern trends, and research and presentation skills. This year’s Junior Project targets modern innovations and technologies, including but not restricted to AI, 3D-printing, modern buildings, drones, and Space Exploration.

From Feb 23rd to March 1st, students from different homerooms formed into groups of six to eight people and each group selected an interesting topic to research. The group members are assigned to different fields of study/subjects in order to enable a deep investigation of their topic. At the same time, more then 30 teachers from many different subject groups, even including PE, have formed a teacher group for the Junior Project. They will be the group leaders and help students to explore about their chosen topics. On March 5th, the teachers already had a meeting to thoroughly talk about the requirements and rubrics of this Junior Project.

The students and their group leader teachers officially met for the first time in different classrooms in the Xianmian Building on March 7th. They communicated about the details, criterion, and requirements for their groups. Later on the final day of the project, April 28th, every group will present a presentation on their designed topics and create several posters to illustrate their individual findings. We hope all participating students have fun in accomplishing their projects and enjoy the research process!

(Written by Yixin Zheng & George Teng       Pictures by George Teng)