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Pudong Grade 3: Edible Soil!

Grade 3’s students began their study of soil with a tasty treat on March 7th! They began with the questions: ‘What is soil?’ and ‘How does rock turn into soil?’ After learning about the soil process and the different soil layers, ourstudents became soil scientists and created their own soil profiles. The fun spin was the soil profile materials were edible! This scrumptious soil included: chocolate rocks in the place of bedrock, oatmeal in the place of the parent material, cocoa puffs in the place of subsoil, and finally crush caramel cookies acting as topsoil. First, the students used their five senses and descriptive writing skills to record their observations of the soil materials. Then, they assembled their soil profiles. After creating the soil profiles, each soil scientist recorded their observations and explained the soil layers to three different classmates. When these tasks were finished, they were allowed to dig-in to the dirt!  This was great fun for the students to experience ‘delicious dirt’!  

(Written by Melanie Cherry      Pictures by Melanie Cherry & Haoruo Li)