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Middle School Fire Drill

The shrill sound of the fire alarm tore through the air.   

The fire drill for the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth graders had begun. Students covered their noses and mouths, shielding themselves from the smell of the heavy smoke permeating the air. Both teachers and students hastily yet neatly escaped the building, gathering on the tracks outside. We could see milky white smoke coming out from tin cans on the side of the building as students moved to the track, going to their class’s area on the field. We stumbled a bit for the first fire drill practice, struggling to find our classmates in the smoke, but managed to reach our class all the same.

It got easier the second time; we knew where our homerooms were supposed to be and how we should line up. The fire drill activity passed without any disturbance.

As the teachers and staff checked if everyone was here on the field, we finally had the chance to take a fresh breath of air after the intense experience of the fire drill. From this practice, we learnt about how we should react to a real fire, ensuring our safety in the future.

(Written by 7(2)Chloe    Supervised by Ms. Chen Fan    Pictures by Ms. Xu Jing)