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Grades 7-8: Fire Drill

The sky was cloudy, the leaves blowing in the wind. The sports field was quiet and empty while the students of 7th and 8th grade were having their CAS classes indoors. We suddenly heard an intense ringing, and then a burst of smoke came into our classroom from the hallway. We stood up from our chairs immediately, and used wet towels to cover our noses and mouths. We evacuated from the classroom in an orderly fashion, led by the teachers. On our way downstairs, nobody pushed around or shouted. This was exactly how our fire drill was supposed to go. It reminded us of how to deal with fire calmly and how to evacuate in an orderly manner, and it taught us a lot of skills that could help us a lot if there is a real fire. Although some students might complain about having a fire drill every semester, I believe that these events can train our escape ability and reduce the probability of anyone getting hurt when dealing with emergencies.



(Written by 8(8) Thomas, 8(8)James H       Supervised by Ms. Gu        Picture by Ms. Gao)