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Grades 9-10:Teambuilding Activity

On March 7th, tenth graders of SHSID held a special CAS activity to help develop students’ sense of cooperation and responsibility as a team. The official theme of the day was Teambuilding. Students were assigned several cooperative activities according to their homeroom. Then, they were divided into smaller teams to complete their missions. Those included active ones such as a scavenger hunt to creative ones like making a specific polygon out of a rope with their teammates. The activity that drew the most attention was one where students taped numerous newspapers onto a running wheel. About ten students crawled under the newspaper wheel, and they worked as perfect teams to “roll” the wheel forward. After such an enthusiastic series of games ended, the students could feel accomplished and integrated as a member of SHSID. The teambuilding day was a success, and it provided a helpful experience for the students’ development of interpersonal skills.

(Written by 10(1) Eric Park      Pictures by Grade 10 teachers)