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7th and 8th graders receive awards in National BrainBee Competition

From March 3rd to 4th, several students from SHSID attended a competition in Beijing called BrainBee. Here is how BrainBee works:


BrainBee has two divisions, junior and senior. Junior level competitor need to create an informative poster and complete a test. 2-4 students will form a team, and the team will randomly choose a topic. The students need to complete a colorful, informative poster in only 2 hours. Later on, they will deliver a speech and present their poster in front of a panel of judges judges. The test consists of 80 questions that may come in the form of multiple choice, fill-in-the-blanks, or true or false. The students must finish the test within one hour. Senior level competitors need to diagnose neurological diseases through videos, identify different parts of the brain or a neuron, and complete a test.


Congratulations to the students from SHSID!
















(Written by 8(2)  Anita    Supervised by Ms.Gu      Pictures by Grade 7-8 parents)