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Cultural Bazaar: Chinese Calligraphy

The history of Chinese Calligraphy is as long as that of China itself. Before the Cultural Bazaar on April 9th, we had a whole week to put various artworks on display. Calligraphy formed a major part of this exhibit.

I have studied calligraphy for years and believe that it is one of the highest forms of Chinese art. Calligraphy is made up of many different styles and techniques. Along with another student from class 7(1), I showed others how to write different styles of Chinese characters on special paper in the display area.

There was also a ‘try it yourself’ area, where many students came to line up. Some of the students had come to write just for fun, but others were very good at calligraphy themselves. Everyone looked happy and excited.

Lunch time is limited, but authentic experience is unlimited. Through this activity, a great many students in the International Division know about a little more about Chinese calligraphy, and I feel really proud of this.

(Written by Yu Meili 7(2)       Translated by Ms Chen        Pictures by Ms Xu)