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Grades 9-10 Directors’ Meeting Dedicated to the Teachers’ Professional Development

The Grade 9-10 Directors’ Meeting which was held on Monday was dedicated to SHSID’s teachers’ professional development and enhancing teaching their practices. Four presenters took a few minutes to help explain an activity or teaching tactic which hopefully would be beneficial to the others.

The meeting was led by Director Liu, Josh Pickart and featured Max Slonim as the first speaker. He outlined the new interdisciplinary class which will be offered to 9/10 grade students next semester. It will entail students actively working on a project while the teacher is more a guide than a lecturer. After Max, Josh Pickart shared two classroom activities. The first was a ‘writing relay’ where the students work in groups to complete an essay while competing against the other groups to see who can finish first. The second activity was the internet based quiz game Kahoot. Michael Haig was next. He shared how to go about incorporating music, especially pop music, into the lesson as a warm-up or conversation starter. Lastly Brett Marshall talk about reading strategies. He walked everyone through pre, during, and post reading practices that would help students of all levels and subjects retain more of what they are asked to read. It was a great meeting where the teachers walked away with more tools and information than they had coming into the meeting. Now it is time to try and work the new ideas into some classes!


(Written by Josh Pickart       Photos by Sophia Yan)