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Pudong Grade 1: Chinese Role Play

As a prelude of the Chinese culture week, grade one students in SHSID Pudong campus presented their Chinese role play in the Chinese lesson on April 11th, 2018. Before the “Big Day”, all of the students spared no efforts in rehearsing their play, trying to refine their play better and better. Many students came to the teacher several days before the play and said proudly that “I’ve already recited all my words!”, “I’ve made a realistic wall under the help of my mom”, and etc. They even prepared the suitable costume for their characters, which impressed the audience a lot. By watching and appreciating their classmates play attentively, students gave out a big round of applause after each show. This was a great chance for students to appreciate the Chinese culture and enhance their literacy ability.

(Written by Yuting Gao       Pictures by Yuting Gao & Cun Yang)