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Puxi Grade 4: Power the Future

During the P&B class of April 10th, our Grade 4 students raised money at the Charity Fair to purchase special lights called Solmates. Then, with a little help from their teachers, they put the Solmates together.

A Solmate is a small but powerful portable solar light that is distributed through charities and NGOs to energy poor areas and villages that live off the grid. The lights assist the children and their families to study at night, use amenities in the dark, and lead a healthier life, since they will no longer need to use kerosene. Solmates are a small but powerful life-changing device for poor village children.

On the following day, all the fourth graders gathered at the auditorium to attend the lighting ceremony. They lit the lamps one by one and derived great satisfaction from helping and knowing that they had made a difference- no matter how small or big- to another child’s life. We hope our students can all change the life of a third world child with their own hands and try to make a difference!

(Written by Wang Tingqi     Pictures by Wang Tingqi)