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Grade 4 Math: Geometry Project
Recently, the fourth graders learned geometric terms in Math class. Their work culminated in a 3D math project named ‘Geometry City’.

They worked in groups as pretend companies to create a city of geometric shapes, angles, and lines. They needed to follow construction specifications such as:

·You must include parallel lines, perpendicular lines, intersecting lines, a trapezoid, a rhombus, a cylinder, a pyramid, a cone, and a sphere in your city.

·You must include a tessellation in your city somewhere.

·You must create a body of water in your city which have a line of symmetry.

They students came up with various creative names and themes for their cities. Some cities were made from desserts, using building blocks including ice creams, lollipops, and donuts. Some students constructed a digital city, applying technology in their project. We saw a lot of other interesting themes, such an ‘Environmental City’, an ‘Expensive City’, and a ‘Cotton City’. The teachers were impressed by their kids’ imaginations, as well as the great effort they had put into their math projects.

During Math class on April 11th, the students presented their projects and completed a reflection paper, on which they needed to evaluate their own contribution to this piece of group work, and give suggestions for improvement. Reflection is one the most important abilities in character cultivation, which helps our students gradually develop into independent learners.

The students really liked this math project, since it not only helped them summarize what they had learned class, but also offered them an opportunity to cooperate with their classmates. The fourth graders gained a sense of achievement and happiness through this Geometry Project.

(Written by Wang Tingqi     Pictures by Wang Tingqi)