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Wonderful Performances in Culture Bazaar

On April 9th, SHSID hosted its annual Cultural Bazaar, during which, special performances occurred at various times throughout the event. The dragon and lion dance were performed by  renowned professional performers. The performers, donning their gold-and-red costumes, manned the dragons and the lions rythmically and put on a splendid show that got everyone watching.

The students also brought many wonderful performances to the Bazaar.

An a cappella performance of the hit ‘Somebody I Used to Know’ by Sophie, Emma, Adelynn, Alyna, and Catie from 7th and 8th grade, was both beautifully created and also enjoyed by the many students and teachers who watched their performance. The performers sang in perfect harmony and the listeners were swaying with the rhythm, enjoying the music.

Another group, featuring Joie, Maya, Cheryl, Emily, Anna, Helen, Shannon, Bridget, Anna, and- surprisingly- Mr Ni presented a flashy and flamboyant Korean pop dance called ‘Likely’. It captured the heart of the audience, earning the loudest applause of all. It was clear that the dancers had worked hard and practiced their dance multiple times before bringing it to the life in front of the audience. Their fellow students expressed how flawless the dance was and also their enthusiasm about Mr. Ni performing again.

Beyond the above mentioned, there was also solo singing and instrumental performances. We heard ‘One Summers Day’, played on the guzheng, also known as the Chinese zither. We also heard ‘Moonlight over the lotus pond’, played on the guqin, also known as the Chinese lyre. Last but not least we heard ‘The Male Phoenix Pursuit’, and even saw some martial arts in a performance of Tai Ji, also known in the West as Tai Qi.






The Cultural Bazaar featured so many wonderful and memorable performances, from traditional Chinese lion and dragon dancing to modern popular dancing and singing. Every performance displays the unique charm of culture.


(Written by 8(8) Cathy      Supervised by Ms. Gu    Picture by Ms. Gao)