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Cultural Bazaar: Enlighten your Heart, Embrace the World

The much anticipated Cultural Bazaar has arrived! All the seventh and eighth graders have worked so hard for such a long time in preparation for this event. Flags and important elements of the homeroom countries filled the air as friends conversed among themselves. The teacher had set up poster boards introducing each homeroom’s countries, and food and drinks were brought onto the campus, waiting to be sold.

As usual, snacks of all kinds quickly became the most popular selling point. All sorts of deserts, cookies, and chips were present. The tables were piled high with these sought-after treats, and students strutted around with arms filled with delicious nibbles. The same goes for drinks. As soon as the drinks were placed out on the tables, coupons were stuffed into the vendors’ hands, and all the items were taken. Students were clambering to reach the last available drinks. This year’s Cultural Bazaar puts a picture to the phrase ‘monkey house’.

Unlike previous fairs, this year’s cultural bazaar and charity fair held a special surprise for all students—a Chinese-style celebration! Mr. Ni had prepared long and hard for an amazing Chinese style show to be brought to life before our very eyes. The long, flexible body of the dragon snaked through the crowd, leaning on the shoulders of its handlers. Two lions pranced around the grounds, occasionally surprising people with their signature rearing and growling. Students wait in long lines to get a taste of traditional Chinese sweet treats, presented to them in the form of the Chinese zodiac animals.

Furthermore, in addition to selling those most welcomed snacks, the students prepared a vast amount of foods representing their ‘home countries’. Hot dogs and pastries were present for Denmark, ice cream and pizza for Italy, mango sticky rice for Thailand, and sushi and sashimi for Japan. All sorts of foods from different cultures appeared before our eyes, and soon disappeared down into our stomachs.

All in all, the cultural bazaar was a fun experience for both students and teachers alike. We have learnt a lot through our research of our countries, and had so much fun at the day we have all been preparing for. So sit tight, students, and get ready for this year’s fun to be replayed!

(Written by Athena from 7(1)      Pictures by Mr Ni and Ms Xu    Supervised by Ms Chen Fan)