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Blooming on your Fingertip: A ‘touch’ of Chinese painting at the Cultural Bazaar

April at SHSID is always full of cultural surprises. During Chinese Display Week, we are exposed to Chinese culture.

One week before the day of the Cultural Bazaar we enjoyed Chinese calligraphy, and then Chinese style painting. During the lunch time, a long queue formed in the first floor’s traditional Chinese painting exhibition area.

In the display zone, we were able to appreciate some Chinese style paintings created by SHSID’s very own Ms Ping. Chinese style painting is quite different from Western style painting. It tends to express itself more indirectly, and often, calligraphy is included within the frame.

In the testing area in the lobby, there was a table upon which rich paper rested. On that paper was inscribed a beautiful tree’s trunk and branches, drawn by one of our art teachers. Director Ni encouraged us all to participate, and finish our calligraphy together. Every participant added plum blossoms to the tree by dipping their fingers into red ink and pressing them onto points on the tree’s branches. As a prize and a thank you, every young artist received a lollipop.

It is a very special feeling when so many people complete one piece of work together. This activity not only brought Chinese art to life in an interesting way that everyone could enjoy,  but also in a way that helped us learn about the traditions surrounding that artistic style.

Looking forward to the next cultural bazaar activity in the coming week!

(Written by 7(3)  Elaine Zhang      Pictures by Mr Ni       Supervised by Ms Chen Fan)