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SHSID Junior High School Students Shine at the 2018 FPSPI National Games

On April 6th, the 2018 FPSPI began a great season. The Junior High School Team from SHSID- comprised of Leo Feng , Melvin Li , Edward Liu and Ragireddy Talish- showed off their innovative and dynamic action plan and won 2nd place out of 14 teams.







The Future Problem Solving International Program’ was founded in 1974. It encourages students to establish a future-oriented vision and develop their innovation, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. The 2018 FPSPI competition started in March. After some fierce competition, the SHSID Junior High team advanced to the national round of the competition. The topic was ‘safer cloud storage’. The students proposed a solution to cloud storage security through a six-step creative problem-solving process and presented solutions. The four students integrated singing, dancing and other forms of presentation into their explanation. This lively and dynamic display won the praise of the judges and the audience.







At the award dinner, the four students also showed off their dancing skills and charmed the audience. Their performance of Uptown Funk showed just how full of energy they are. Do you like equations? Try this one:

Learning + playing + innovation + an open mind + a lively soul = our lovely students!

















The participating teachers and students all felt the vitality of the four boys from the international division of Shanghai High School. Our lads are looking forward to their global conference and an even more exciting performance!




(Written by Eden from 8(10)       Pictures by Ms Chen)