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Cultural Bazaar: Enlighten Your Heart, Embrace the World

The annual cultural bazaar was held this Monday afternoon, beside the cafeteria and lab building. As a customer, you were able to find a huge variety of food, souvenirs, and even entertainment services. Once the bazaar began, excited students and participants were visible nearly everywhere.










Each class from 7th to 8th grade was assigned a country, and all their products or entertainment had to be based on this country. There were many different national themes throughout out the bazaar, and many classes were very creative. For example, class 7(4), the class responsible for Japan, sold out all kinds of food ranging from sushi and salmon rice to octopus balls and soda, finally raising 3435 yuan. Also, class 7(9), responsible for Brazil, allowed pictures with one of the students acting as the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. Other classes also sold out many special items from the UAE, Sri Lanka, Italy, Canada, United States, and many more exciting places.










Everywhere, you could see delicious food and drinks. Even more interesting were the performances that were presented throughout the event. Through the performances, we could see an entire world’s worth of culture. For example, the dance ‘Likey’ presented by both 7th and 8th graders brought a slice of modern Korea onto the campus. Later, the Lion brought the traditional culture of China into the present.









Overall, the Cultural Bazaar was a great event for sharing the cultures of different countries. Participants could learn about the human race, and can also enjoy themselves by having fun and trying delicious food at the same time. The Cultural Bazaar also raises money for charity every year, and so is important to people in need of help. So, the Cultural bazaar is not just for fun. It introduces students to different cultures, and is also significant and meaningful to people in need.







(Written by Margaret from 7(4)       Pictures by Mr. Ni      Supervised by Ms Chen Fan)