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Pudong Grade 3:Charity Fair

On Friday afternoon, May 11th, the Grade 3 students of Pudong campus took part in the Charity Fair. The students took on the responsibility of running their stores without too much support from their parents. The students prepared a diverse range of products to sell in the fair. The items varied from stationery to handmade cookies, and succulent plants to chicken wings. Every student in each store had a different task. Some of them took the products to the token exchange center and promoted them to potential customers who had just exchanged tokens. Some sold the items at the stands, while others counted the tokens. What impressive cooperation!

According to the count by the teachers and parents, the money raised from this Charity Fair reached a new record high, and will be donated to Shanghai Healing Home, and Roots and Shoots.

(Written by Haoruo Li        Pictures by Haoruo Li)