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Pudong Campus: Heartwarming Charity Fair

As the old Chinese saying goes, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. A single person may not be strong enough to change the world, but if everyone shows kindness, they can make a huge difference.

On the afternoon of May 11th, a Charity Fair was held in SHSID’s Pudong campus. As one of the most renowned activities of SHSID, the Charity fair is always exciting, meaningful, and educational. The teachers and students began preparing for it a month in advance. A promo-film was played in school hallway to help build up excitement. The day before the Charity fair, the students ran around the campus to spread the word.

The Fair began at 12:40pm. With the help of their parents, students started to sell some interesting novelties: hand-made cookies, ice lollies, small accessories, rare plants, and delicious foods like fried chicken wings and marinated chicken feet. Besides these products, there were also some fun games: a VR experience game, ‘spin wins’, darts, ‘smashing golden eggs’, and so on. One parent even brought marshmallow machine to campus!

In order to help the school raise more funds, the parents did their best to help their children sell products. Although the Charity Fair was filled with delight and relaxation, the students didn’t forget the original intention of this fair: raising money and helping children who live in remote and poor areas. Every teacher witnessed their students’ resolution and action. For example, Veronica, a 5th grade girl from class 5(2), dragged a large bag that full of heavy soil and plants to the second floor all by herself, only because of her strong wish to raise more money for the kids living in poor areas. Through the Charity fair, not only did the students experience the challenge of raising money, but also they developed their empathy, and felt the joy of helping others, as well.

(Written by Xie Yuchen       Pictures by Xie Yuchen)