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Puxi Grade 5: Charity Sports

On May 4th, last Thursday, we held our charity events. One of them was ‘charity sports’. During this activity, the students paid donations to do exercises such as jogging, sit-ups, push-ups, and more.

Before that Thursday, the students that were interested in joining the charity sports events paid 30 RMB for each sport. The money will be donated to places in need of help.

The activities started at 2pm. In front of the Middle School building, the joggers lined up. Then they started either running or fast walking on the lawn in front of the Main Dining Hall. Their run was about 800 meters long. There were 13 students who ran the whole distance.

Students that signed up for rope skipping, push-ups or sit-ups went to the second floor of the cafeteria. They needed to either skip 30 times or do push-ups/sit-ups 10 times or more in one minute.

Participating in charity sports was an exciting opportunity to raise money for those in need and also have a good workout.


(Written by 5(5) Lucas Wang      Pictures by Mr. Johnson)