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Puxi Grade 5: An Odyssey of Calculation in the 24 Point Competition

The noontime activities are starting again! This time, it is the beloved 24 Points game. Students from each class came to join in with this exciting competition.

From a total of about 70 students, 22 were selected to join the 2nd round after the 10-minute selection test. In the 2nd round, we were paired up and got half the set of poker cards and were ready to compete against each other.

For the whole competition, 26 cards were given to each competitor, and each played 2 cards every turn. They hit the table every time they got an answer. If they both didn’t get it within 30 seconds, they changed to another 4 cards.  If they got the answer, they took all 4 cards for themselves and started the next round. They competed in 5 rounds over the course of 2 weeks. After each round, the competitors were tired but excited. They were all really great at 24 Points! That said, many students were goners and were defeated immediately.

When it came to the final round, several students came to spectate. The audience’s hearts were dangling in the air, and they crowded around the table to see Olivia and Tiffany compete. When the final score was announced, the audience roared with delight or moaned with sadness. The results were:

First place: Claudia from 5(5)

Second place: Olivia from 5(2)

Third place: Tiffany from 5(6).

This was a great way to relax ourselves, and also a great way to find our deepest knowledge and potential.

(Written by Daniel Lu 5(5)       Pictures by Mr. Johnson)