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Cultural Bazaar Interview with Ms Rees and Mr Schmoker

Recently our teacher Ms Cynthia Rees and Mr Samuel Schmoker received an interview from the 8th Grade news group on their views of this semester’s Cultural Bazaar.



Tiffany: Thanks for accepting this interview! Let’s talk about the Cultural Bazaar. What was your favorite booth?

Ms. Rees: France. I love how Eric from 8(4) dressed up as the Mona Lisa.

Mr. Schmoker: I’ll never forget Brazil– Jonathan 7(9) painted himself white dressed up as Christ the Redeemer, the famous statue in Rio.

Tiffany: I see you both like creative and unique booths!



Ms. Rees: Yes, I love seeing students use their creativity instead of doing the same old thing. You can know a country’s culture but you never truly understand it. The boys’ ideas showed the different aspects of French heritage, and it is a creative way to take a look at the Mona Lisa.

Mr. Schmoker: Also, it’s cool to take pictures with them.

Tiffany: Do you think that the Cultural Bazaar is particularly useful in helping students gain some insight on the international community?

Ms. Rees: It may not help them fully understand different cultures, but I’d say that students do get a little introduction on different countries from the good food and activities the students set up.

Tiffany: Do you prefer the Charity Fair or the Cultural Bazaar?

Ms. Rees: Definitely the Cultural Bazaar! There are cool and different presentations of different countries, and I love how the countries are represented differently each year, instead of the predictability of the Charity Fair. Every student has a different point of view on a country, so it’s fun to see how the booths and their reception evolve and change each year.

Tiffany: Any final thoughts on the Cultural Bazaar? What was your favorite part?

Ms. Rees: The food.

Mr. Schmoker: The food, the creativity of the students, and the general experience was amazing.









(Written by Tifffany 8(1)      Directed by Ms Gu    Photos by Ms Gao & Ms Xu)