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Pudong Grade 1: Sharing is Caring

Although the Charity Fair had to end eventually, the students’ care and kindness shall never cease spreading. On Thursday afternoon, June 7th, the Grade 1 students who got the most votes in the Charity Fair, were accompanied by their parents and teachers to donate the funds personally to the Shanghai Healing Home, experiencing the memorable moment together.
At the beginning, the director of the Shanghai Healing Home gave all the students a speech. The students listened attentively, and asked plenty questions. During the following tour within the Home, the students walked quietly in order not to awaken all the babies. They even shared some time playing together. Our students were so moved by how love and care have been spread in this way. Each one donated the funds that he/she has raised and felt grateful in giving rather than receiving.

(Written by Yuting Gao      Pictures by the parents)