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High School History Day Series Report IV

June 7th was History Day for the 11th graders. During the 5th period, they attended the Historical Newscast Project Award Ceremony at the annex auditorium of the Xianmian Building. The students were encouraged to be dressed up. This year the students from AP World History and US History were also invited to join the celebration. The hosts were well-dressed and did a good job at bilingual hosting. After several months’ of preparation and video-making, the students were really looking forward to the announcement of the awards.
The best minutes of the award-winning poster and videos were shown to all the teachers and students. The Awards included Best Anchor/Reporter, Best Research and Content, Best Props/Attire, Most Creative Design and finally, the Chao Ting News from S Level Chinese History won the Best Overall Newscast.
All these works reflected the efforts the students made for History Day. Congratulations to all the winners and the ones who devoted their energy and enthusiasm to the Video Project.

(Written by Shen Zhou       Pictures by Yunuo Li & Shen Zhou)