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Grades 9-10:Summer Bash

After the events of Mix Day came to a close, another great event was waiting to start. On Friday after school, countless students from Grade 9 & 10 stayed late to participate in the Summer Bash. The students waited in the Zhongxing Building as the ASB members quickly turned the grass lawn just outside of the building into a great water battlefield. After about an hour of anxious waiting, the students rushed out into the field and quickly engaged in splashing and squirting their fellow classmates and friends.

They ran around screaming and laughing, holding their colorful water guns in their hands and releasing their inner wildness. It was a chaotic battle. Cool streams of water flew everywhere around the field. Students who were consumed in a heavy one-on-one battle often found themselves attacked from behind by other people. They turn around laughing and quickly returning the favor with their own streams of water. No student was able to walk away with any part of their clothes dry as they become major targets for the wild students. Small melee’s could even escalate into massive group collisions. Water balloons whirled though the air and splashed onto unfortunate victims. At the other part of the lawn, the students were eagerly waiting in line to slide down a water slide lined with water and soap. The soap made the slide extra slippery and students were able to slide down the slide at amazing speed. They reached the end of the slide, laughing and covered in soap.

After about 2 hours of water splashing, gun squirting and soap sliding, the students freshened up with dry clothes and got their dinner. As the sun set, students sat on the grass to enjoy their meals and chattered about their experiences.

After dinner, the ASB organized games for all the students. People jumped up and down to reach the ball in the volleyball court, students challenged their flexibility in a game of Twister, and others circled around a ring of chairs as music played. Many group photos were taken at the photo booth as students wished to cement the memory of their fabulous night firmly into their memories. As the last few photos were taken, nighttime came and it was time for the students to return to their homes. Even on the way back home, the students could not stop talking about how much fun they had at the Summer Bash.

(Written by John Zou      Edited by 10(2)Tina Chen & Chen Lin       Photos by Sun Hao)