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Grades 9-11:Inheriting Chinese Culture and Tradition

On June 8th 2018, the Zhongxing Annex Building was filled with activities that revolved around traditional Chinese culture. There was Chinese paper-cutting, guessing Chinese lantern riddles, writing Chinese triplet poems, Peking opera, mask-painting, and more.

Chinese paper-cutting resulted in heaps of red paper scattered all across the classrooms. At first glance, these pieces of paper may have seemed ordinary, but if one looked closer, they were actually cut into the Chinese character ‘囍’, which represents double happiness. Across the hallway, rows of elaborately designed lanterns with riddles on each hung neatly from the classroom ceilings. In another classroom, students were busy applying their creativity and art skills to painting Peking opera masks. All in all, the eight traditional Chinese activities really helped our students appreciate the beauty and history of Chinese culture better by enabling them to experience it hands-on.

(Written by 10(2)Alina Zhang      Edited by 9(6)Andrew Cheng    Photos by homeroom & Chinese teachers)