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A Precious Gift for the 25th anniversary of SHSID

Recently, a student from Grade 11’s Class 6, Bai Jiyuan, presented a surprise gift for SHSID for its upcoming 25th anniversary.

Bai Jiyuan, who has been studying at SHSID since primary school, recently won three precious documents with his father at an auction in Taipei. Two of these were Shanghai High School student diplomas from the 1940s. The photographs in the diplomas are well preserved and the signatures signed by the principal are still clearly visible. The third document is the first graduate's commemorative album published after 1946, which is rich in content and exquisite in drawings, demonstrating the impressive spirit of teachers and students who worked and studied in SHS 80 years ago.

In this 1946 yearbook, we can see scenes from the students' daily lives: reading and study, physical exercise, discussions, dormitory time, and positive interaction between students and teachers. We can also see the Longmen Building, the Xianmian Building, the gymnasium, the school gates, and various school equipment. Both Chinese and English names of the students could be found in it, as well as their portraits, and friends. It‘s so inspiring to see that 80 years ago, SHS already had the spirit of incorporating different cultures.

This gift from Bai Jiyuan has both valuable historical and rich practical values. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of SHSID, we sincerely hope that our school will become better and better!

(Written by Yixin Zheng        Pictures by Chenli Shen)