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SHSID High School Multicultural International Expo (MIX)

SHSID enrolls a  range of students from around the world, including students from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao. The school aims to implement its educational philosophy by cultivating the talents of its young minds. SHSID has been serving the community since 1993, and enrolled students from over 60 countries and regions. As part of its 25th anniversary celebrations, SHSID High School held a ‘Multicultural International Expo’ (MIX)  following the model of its Renaissance Fairs and Chinese Culture Weeks. MIX aims to break the boundary and encourage intercultural and interdisciplinary collaboration. Students and faculty could make full use of the day to experience and find the charm of MIX. 





This year’s MIX attracted approximately 700 students, over 100 staff, as well as students from the surrounding community, including  a local school for the children of migrant workers. The event had three main focuses — ‘Carnival’, ;Chinese Culture Inheritance & International Custom Exploration’, and ‘High Art on Campus’. 







The Carnival event brought some great memories to all of our Stallions Varsity teams, be they the female volleyball, male basketball, or football team. The experiential activities prepared by the SHSID varsity team brought the Stallions spirit to every SHSIDer. Dramas, sketches, traditional Chinese dance, and dances from around the world prepared, adapted, or directed by students and faculty attracted a large audience. Those talented in visual arts presented their artwork in the Art Gallery for the annual students’ exhibition. The High School English and Chinese Departments  made a joint effort to present both the Xianmian and Zhongxing Annex Buildings as a World Expo Center and Chinese Culture Center respectively. The Xianmian Building housed a range of countries- many of them underrepresented- presenting them with games, food, drinks, tours. The Zhongxing Building sent its visitors 100 years back in time to a world of DIY Chinese knots, opera face-painting, and literary couplets, which all helped the students to better appreciate their connection to China. 








A Peking Opera specialist also attended MIX, advising our students and guiding their performances. Technology and the arts were both in play during MIX, especially during Mr Wu Jianjing’s lecture on music and technology. There was also a special lecture on Artificial Intelligence, which- combined with all the amazing events that had come before- made us all believe that ‘nothing is impossible’!












(Written by 10(7) Joyce Xu, 10(1) Eric Park, 10(1) Eric Park,  High School Staff            Pictures by High School Staff)