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Puxi Grade 4: 24 Point Game
During Week 16, the fourth graders had a 24 Point Game competition. The qualifier was held on June 6th. In it, each student competitor needed to answer 20 questions in 20 minutes. 8 students from each class qualified for the final, which was held during Math class on June 8th.

There were 3 rounds in the final competition each with their own kinds of questions: required questions, quick response questions, and risk questions. In the first round, each participant wrote the answer on the small white board, earning 10 points for every correct answer. In the second round, students who knew the answer raised their hands. In the last round, each participant chose one question for a certain number of points. If he/she got it wrong, half of those points would be deducted.

The atmosphere in the classroom was intense. Everyone wracked their brains to solve each question. Finally, the teachers awarded certificates to the winners on June 13th .

The 24 Point Game competition gave our students a chance to feel the fun and charm of math, and ignite their brains. Let's look forward to the next 24 Point Game championship!


(Written by Wang Tingqi        Pictures by Wang Tingqi)