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Pudong Grade 5: Everything You Want to Know About Middle School But You Dare Not to Ask

Everyone becomes apprehensive at times. For our fifth-graders, it's the move from our campus to the middle school in Puxi that causes them some concern. We decided to turn this apprehension into an opportunity to communicate with some of our fifth-graders from years past who have made the daring leap over the river. We compiled a list of hundreds of questions from both fifth-grade classes at our school, collated them, compiled them, and boiled them down to roughly 35 meaningful inquiries. The questions ranged from the quality of the cafeteria food to instances of bullying to teacher strictness to making new friends. The replies we got were fantastic! Students from Puxi's sixth-grade video-recorded the questions and answers, and sent them to us to share with our kids. Through the laughter incited from the responses, one could feel the collective sigh of relief from our fifth-graders as they rested more easily, now knowing what lies ahead of them in the Puxi Middle School.

(Written by Cole Puterbaugh        Pictures by Yao Qing)