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Puxi 5H English Brings Wonderland to Life

       In fairy tales, authors create magical worlds for their characters to journey through. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is one of the most famous children’s fantasy novels of all time. Lewis Carroll created his fictional world of Wonderland using intricate details and creative imagery. In a final Wild Wonderland project, the 5H English students brought these worlds to life by creating models of different settings described his novel. Each piece of each model was backed up with evidence from the novel; sothe students were able to practice their writing skills while demonstrating their understanding of how authors use different literary devices.

       The projects exceeded all expectations and were truly wonderful. To build their models, the students used a wide range of materials including clay, lights, glitter, toy figures, and much more. Some groups even went so far as to provide an aromatic element by adding their own version of the pepper used by the chef in the duchess’ house! The students presented their models in class, and then displayed them in the lobby of the middle school. It was a fantastic and fun way to end the final 5H English unit!

       (Written by Brittany Strohmeyer        Pictures by Brittany Strohmeyer)