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Eight Years in SHSID

On June 22nd, 2018, the 8th Graders held the graduation ceremony at indoor gymnasium. Everyone was excited to receive their middle school diploma, but felt sad to leave their dear friends and teachers at the same time. Among the 8th graders who graduate, many were at our school since the 1st grade. During the 8 years they were in SHSID, they achieved great personal growth.The eight-year period is just like a massive book, two thousand pages is full of joy and sorrow that let us can’t forget.



From A,B,C to Native Speaker-- Excellent Graduate Lauren Zhou


I first became a student in SHSID in 2010, as the earliest group of first graders in the Puxi campus. Within the past eight years, I went from class 1(3) to class 8(10), and I experienced countless memorable moments. SHSID has accompanied me through my childhood and has witnessed my growth.
During my first year at the school, I could barely speak English and got assigned to the ESL(English as Second Language) level. However, with my own effort and the support from my teachers, I moved up to Native Honored Plus Level at the beginning of the fifth grade. Not only have I progressed academically, I also began organizing activities independently with my peers since the beginning of the 7th grade. As one of the co-leaders of the service learning program Bananaheads, my peers and I have organized numerous charity activities such as bake sales and held charity concerts in cooperation with Voices From Beyond and DNCR. Throughout the process of planning activities, I experienced many memorable moments and have received personal growth as well.
Now I’ve graduated of from the junior middle school and was selected as an excellent graduate. I can genuinely say that I am grateful to SHSID, I am grateful to every student and teacher that has ever supported me in the past eight year.








Ariel--What I’ve Learned from the School Dancing Club

Time flies, it is already 2018. Which is my eighth year at SHSID. Over the past eight years, I have learned a lot and have also found out the best learning methods for me. In addition, there are a variety of activities in SHSID that made my life in the school wonderful and unforgettable. Among all the activities, my favorite is the art festival. It all started during the first grade, when I was chosen as the host of the art festival. After this experience, I became confident performing on the stage and I fell in love with the stage.
After entering the middle school,I joined the Popular Dance Club which I dreamed of for a long time. In order to make us even better, nearly close to perfect, there are practices once a week after school and countless practices during noon. It is even more tiring when we have to squeeze time out to practice dancing while finishing our arduous homework. But I also learned from the club what is persistence and that we should try as hard as we can. After every performance, all the praises and encouragements that we received made me feel that all the practices are worth it. The club also helped me to understand how to manage time properly and to balance school  work with activities.






Ophelia -Personal growth through different competitions

I have been attending SHSID for eight years now and have participated in countless competitions ranging from swimming competitions to speech competitions. From these competitions I not only learned lots of skills and knowledge but also acquired a healthy and calm mentality.
I participated in the Academic Pentathlon two years in a row and was rewarded with outstanding achievements. However, it was not the fact that our team was the champion two years in a row that made this experience so unforgettable, it was the process of preparing for the competition. Our team coach Ms. Shen had arranged both the seventh grade and eighth grade team to take quizzes weekly to keep track of our current progress. She had allocated a lot of her spare time in organizing and grading the quiz papers in order to help us secure first place.
Another extraordinary experience that I had during the National Finals was how focused students were a few days before the competition. The day before the competition, students were reading the study materials during registration, during meals, and they even stayed up late to cram all the information into their heads. Their perseverance and grit has not only led to remarkably outstanding achievements but it has also inspired me into following their example.
All in all, the last year in Middle School has been a spectacular one. The Academic Pentathlon and the process I experienced preparing for it has created a lasting image of this school in my mind: One where teachers are always assisting students through various means and one where the students are persistent and determined to reach their goal.






Anita Lo-- Charismatic Leader and Speaker

The past 8 years in SHSID had been a blast for me. I started as a nervous little girl in first grade: shy to introduce myself in front of the class and scared to even answer a question. However, SHSID’s speech/story/poem competition (both English and Chinese) impacted me hugely. I still remember my first story competition here at SHSID.Throughout the entire speech, I did not make any eye contacts nor body movements, nevertheless to say engage with the audience. Unsurprisingly, I was not elected to go to the final round. Disappointed, I made a promise to myself: my next performance needs to be way better than that. Therefore, I embarked on a long journey of practicing my speech skills. I wanted to show that I am calm and have a steady stage demeanor. Hard work paid off. After several practices, I went up the stage confidently and was elected to go to the final round both in the 7th and 8th grade speech competition. Reflecting on my past right now, I realized now I am an extrovert who enjoys being on the stage. I enjoy the spotlight shining on me, the voice coming out from the microphone, and most importantly, the audience’s reaction to my speeches. These competitions had transformed me from a shy little girl to a girl who dares to deliver a speech in front of more than 400 people without being nervous. This is the power of speeches. 





John Wang--an Independent Learner

During the 8 years I were in SHSID, it was the classmates who offered help to overcome difficulties with me, when I was lonely and helpless; it was the teachers who led me into the halls of knowledge and taught me how to think independently and linger in the sea of books, when I was confused and lost. In the eight years of the International Division of Shanghai High school, I unknowingly learned self-study, learned how to think, learned how to cooperate, learned how to trust, and learned how to surpass myself. It was because of their hard work and education that I was able to set up a project to help children with autism with self-learning on internet and creating a public account "AidinMotion" independently, which allow me to exert little strength to society, when I took part in Service Learning program in the eighth grade. Thanks to the teacher, thanks to the International Division of Shanghai High school, who have transformed me into a teenager who is full of confidence and vigor.




Graduation is a milestone of the student life, it also means the beginning of a new journey. Wish all 8th grade graduates will achieve continuous personal growth in future. Hope you can cherish all the memories of middle school at heart and embark on your new journey!


(Written by :8(10)Lauren,8(5)Ariel,8(1)Ophelia,8(2)Anita,8(6)John
Directed by:Ms. Gu
Picture by :8(10)Lauren,8(5)Ariel,8(1)Ophelia,8(2)Anita,8(6)John)