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Primary School and Middle School Graduation Ceremonies

After the high school graduation ceremony on June 6th, the primary school graduation ceremony and middle school ceremony were respectively held on the afternoon of June 22nd.



During the Grade 5 graduation ceremony held in the auditorium, 248 students together with their parents and teachers, experienced this exciting moment. In their speeches, the students and parents expressed their grateful thanks to the school and offered heartfelt wishes to the graduates. After that, all of the graduates walked to the stage and received their graduation certificate one by one. The graduation video, which was made by the G5 teachers, along with the graduation song recited by all the students, created an exciting atmosphere. Like it was said in the video: “The gull sees farthest who flies highest.” This is our wish to all of the graduates.



At 2:00 pm, the grade 8 graduation ceremony was held in the school stadium. More than five hundred students, teachers and parents attended the ceremony. There were traditional routines like speeches from students, parents, directors and principals, and a performance from the SHSID wind band. Moreover, Excellent Service Learning Programs Awards, Outstanding Graduates Awards were distributed and an a cappella singing and a dance performance also took the stage. After all the graduates received their graduation diplomas, a big surprise was planned. More than 30 students were invited to the stage and received a special souvenir from school. These souvenirs were for the loyal students who have studied at SHSID since Grade One. (SHSID Puxi campus started Grade 1 eight years ago.) The meaning behind the souvenir was: SHSID loves you throughout your life. The ceremony ended with graduation songs sang by all the graduates.



Mr. Liu, the principal of SHSID primary and middle school, made an important point during the middle school graduation ceremony: It’s worth celebrating that you have finished half of the learning journey. However, there is an old saying in China,”On reaching the last leg of a journey, you are only half way there.” We want our students to remember that they need to keep on going and that all teachers and parents will be as supportive as always. We will support you in becoming an independent learner and growing into a self-led human being. May the heart of integrity, the heart of responsibility and the spirit of innovation be with every SHSID student forever!