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Pudong Grade 3: School Bus Safety

On Thursday, Sep. 11, the third graders on Pudong campus reviewed the rules of bus safety. After that, they prepared skits for the 1st grade students to demonstrate the appropriate ways of taking the school bus.

The “little mentors” introduced their skits’ titles and performed with passion. They demonstrated the wrong ways through humorous and exaggerated performances. For example, they fought while standing on the chairs; they ate snacks and talked loudly; they even sat on the floor to show “don’t block the aisles.” They adopted special “teaching methods” to demonstrate the rules of the school bus. It made a deep impression on the 1st graders’ minds. After the skits, all the 1st grade students couldn’t wait to tell what the correct ways are. What a wonderful job the 3rd graders did!






(Written by Haoruo Li       Pictures by Surong Chen; Haoruo Li)