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Grade 11: Club Fair

On September 12th, the Club Fair was held in front of the Xianmian Building during lunchtime. Club leaders and members set up inviting tables to present their clubs to other students. Archie, one of the presenters, said, “I think it’s a really great opportunity for all the clubs to showcase the activities that they're doing and for students, especially new students, to get in touch with the school community and make more friends and expand their extracurricular activities.” Others, stated that “[the fair] is great” and “it really showed a more diverse image in addition to just academics”. However, despite the success of the fair, minor details can still be improved. As Mrs. Zhang Li pointed out, some clubs did not make sufficient preparations for the fair, “making the crowd confused about what type of people [those clubs] want to recruit.” Ultimately, students were able to speak to the leaders of different clubs and form a clear idea of which specific clubs they would like to participate in.

(Written by: 11(8) Hu Jialu      Pictures by  KaichengMa & Miao Hong       Supervised by Hazel Gu)