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Grade 9: Assembly – STEM Lecture

On September 12th, the 9th graders, still adapting to busy high school life, had their second assembly of the semester in the XianMian Annex Auditorium.

To begin, Grade supervisor Ms. Yu gave a short announcement about the piano contest. Then, Mr. Liaohui, the STEM advisor in SHSID, was invited to give a speech about how to carry out research in high school and how it can develop our students’ scientific ability and future development.

In high school, team collaborations are becoming increasingly important to students, and paper tests do not accurately reflect the team work required. Therefore, more and more STEM contests have emerged to assist students in polishing their research and collaboration skills - including the ShangZhong cup and the Youth Science and Technology Innovation program. Although these rigorous programs are time consuming, the effort put into them will eventually aid students in accomplishing their goals. Finally, students were encouraged to accept the challenges facing them in high school to become better people.






(Written by 9(5) Cherry Yang      Pictures by Xie Junyu       Supervised by Xie Junyu)