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Grades 7-8:Clubs Make Difference
At the beginning of the new semester, club recruitment in middle school is in full swing.

Sports clubs and Art clubs are popular as usual. Service Learning programs are new for Grade 8 students. Students must take part in at least one and at most four programs this year. Both on-campus and off-campus programs are encouraged, like Bananaheads, SHSID Gazette, Music for Patients, etc.

Subject clubs, including AMC, USAP, WSC and English debating clubs, are open to both Grade 7 and Grade 8 students.  Most of them have try-outs, among which USAP will be the fiercest! Last year, SHSID students had three champions in the final round.

Last, but not least, grade teachers have a surprise for students this year, like Lacrosse, Creative Writing Workshop, Model United Nations and so on.

All the clubs provided are great platforms for students. Let’s hope they can make the best use of them.
(Written by Chen Fan       Pictures by Chen Fan       Supervised by Mr. Key