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Pudong Grade 3: Oh Deer!

Students in Grade 3 Science are currently studying the needs of animals.  To introduce and review, students discussed the four needs of living things:  food, water, shelter, and space.  If an animal’s needs are not met, it cannot survive.

To put their learning into action, students turned into deer looking for their needs.  Each deer was tasked with collecting resources to fit their needs.  If the deer found their needs and made it back to “Deer Land,” they survived another season.  However, if the deer were unsuccessful in finding their resources, they did not survive.  On the count of three, the deer charged toward their “habitat” in search of their needs.  It was sometimes a challenge for deer to find the resources that they needed, just like in the real world.  Students had a great time running to find their resources before the whistle blew.  The interactive game was a great way for students to solidify the new information they learned!




(Written by Melanie Cherry      Pictures by Melanie Cherry)