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Pudong Grade 4: Learning School Bus Safety Regulations

During the afternoon of September 11th, the 4th graders of SHSID Pudong Division were assembled in the classroom and learned the school bus safety regulations together in the P&B class. The 4th grade students seemed to show a clear understanding of this topic that will be emphasized and discussed every semester. With the guidance of teachers, there was a heated discussion about the differences between riding in their parent's car and taking the school bus among all the students present in the classroom. After that, our smart students watched comics on the screen and pointed out wrong behaviors shown and what situations they might cause. “Remain seated all the time,” “Fasten seat belt all the time,” “No soft drinks, food, or littering in the bus,” “Don’t disturb the bus driver or hurt other students,” and “Changing buses or getting off the school bus at a different stop are not allowed” were all scenarios. After learning the basic rules, the 4th graders participated in class activities. Today’s P&B class went smoothly with laugher filling the classrooms.


(Written by Yuchen Xie        Pictures by Teachers in 4th grade in Pudong)