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Grades 11-12: Fire Drill

On Thursday, September 13th, an unexpected fire drill occurred in the Xianmian building right before lunch, while students were still in their classes. As the fire alarm went off, students and teachers started to evacuate the building. When smoke filled up the first floor, people covered their mouths and noses with wet towels to get through the smoke. Although, for the majority of us, fire safety is not an issue we interact with in our everyday lives, it is important for the high school students of SHSID to be aware of evacuating procedures in the event of an emergency. Fire drills are an important safety measure that every school should make time for. Activities like these prepares students for future accidents that may occur while they’re on campus.

(Written by: 11(3) Lily Yu      Pictures by: Ying Gu, Jin Liu      Supervised by: Hazel Gu)