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Grade 9: Academy Introduction Lecture

On Thursday afternoon, all 9th graders reported to the XianMian building Auditorium to listen to Academy presentations.

The students were given 3 options; the first of which included a variety of different courses. There were courses on history, art, culture, and even astrology. This vast selection of courses guaranteed that each student would find a course suitable for them.

The second choice was R-TEW. This course was created to help students explore not only the English language, but also themselves. This course will allow students to direct themselves through the course of their learning. Students can decide which novels they want to read and how they would like to analyze them.

If none of these suit the student, there is also a study-hall option.

The school has provided the students with countless options to help fulfill their interests and hobbies. The addition of such courses will help make high school life more interesting and help students become more well-rounded individuals.








(Written by 9(1) Eden Zumbrun      Pictures by XieJunyu      Supervised by XieJunyu)