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Grade 8: Service Learning Programs Start!

Shanghai High School International Division’s Service Learning courses and programs started in full swing! The CCST (Classroom Cleaning Service Team) began their service during the second week. The News Group, Photography Group, and Poster Group made their contributions to school activities, like tug-of-war and the sports meeting. The Photography Group took photos of fierce baseball competitions, while the Poster Group made posters for each of the classes. Some off-campus activities started too. Volunteers at Liu Haisu Art Museum had their activity on Oct. 7th and Minhang Library volunteers will have their first activity in the coming weekend.

At the beginning of the semester, the Homeroom Teacher and the Grade Teacher gave a brief introduction about “What is Service Learning?”, “What is the purpose of promoting service learning?”, and “What Service Learning activities are available?”

Service Learning is a course designed for students from Grade 8, in which students use the knowledge they learned from school to help the society in their spare time.

After that, students logged into the website, Asklinkedclassroom.com, to register for the programs they were interested in. The school already has more than 20 service learning groups, including Indigo Workshop, Reading Buddy, and Off-campus Librarian. The activities students will do include: telling stories to young kids, being museum guides, being assistant coach for school sports competitions, and more. In the new semester, students are also creating their own Service Learning groups, which will bring new ideas and assistance to society.

Then came the meetings for each of the groups. Groups had their meeting and every group member was assigned their task.

The aim of Service Learning is for students to be able to develop critical thinking skills and social abilities, which will prepare them for future life.

“Service learning, we make a difference!” Let the slogan echo among the 8th graders.





(  Written by 8(7) Eric He        Pictures by Ms Chen       Supervised by Mr. Key)